Ben Hills-Jones | Content design

I run a company called The Digital Word. I specialise in:

  • content design
  • website restructures
  • digital communications
  • information architecture
  • search engine optimisation, and
  • content audits.

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Who am I?

Ben Hills-Jones

My name is Ben Hills-Jones and I’m a freelance digital content designer. I’ve worked in digital content since 2006.

I’m based in Brighton & Hove in East Sussex, England.

My digital experience

I’m passionate about digital communication, the power of content and the role of user experience (UX). I’ve worked in digital content since 2006, in various industries, including:

  • health, 
  • travel,
  • charity,
  • facilities management,
  • insurance, and
  • local government.

Croydon Council

As of April 2020 I have been working with Croydon Council as a senior content design on a digital transformation project. This has involved leading on redesigning content as it is moved to a new LocalGov Drupal site.

Virgin Holidays

My last role was a content designer at the travel company Virgin Holidays.

I worked with product designers across multiple sprint teams to create user-focused content. I also mentored content teams, to improve content creation processes and to deliver content strategy recommendations.  

I worked on an agile project to create new destination content, designing with a tool called Figma. I was involved in various testing, including click, tree, guerrilla and lab testing.


My previous role was a 20-month contract with the global insurance company RSA. I worked as a content designer on a transformation project, designing a new way of selling home insurance.

I was involved in the entire end-to-end process, collaborating with UI and UX designers to research, prototype, sign off and build the journey.

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