My digital experience

I have been working in digital content since 2006 and I have experience in all areas of digital content, including content design, content management, UX writing, approvals and governance as well as team management.

For full details of my digital experience, please see my Linkedin profile.

Content design and UX writing

Working with UX and UI designers, creating microcopy, designing content first.

SEO, site migrations and marketing

Working with marketing to create SEO rich content, creating and migrating new site content.

Management, agile and innovation

Managing digital teams and finding innovative solutions in management and content creation.

Content management, training and governance

Using different CMS systems, developing training resources, working with authors and publishers, approving and auditing content.

Social media and customer help

Creating social media posts, responding to customers online and creating customer help content.

Usability testing and accessibility

Running usability testing sessions, creating customer focused content and working with accessibility.