Management, agile and innovation


Innovation and embracing new technologies and new ways of working are two of the hallmarks of a good digital communicator. When I took over managing the Digital Communications team at Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC), I introduced a range of new tools and ways of working.

I set up a trial of the work tracking tool Asana, aiming to introduce greater accountability and transparency of workflow through the communications team. I also introduced Trello, to allow for better project management in an agile environment, as well as Jira.

I also pushed forward a project to develop a new ‘beta’ website for the council.

I also encouraged team members to blog about the ‘Digital First’ programme. You can read my Digital First blog posts here.


At BHCC, I managed the digital team. I introduced regular weekly work planning meetings, monthly team meetings and regular one-to-ones, so that my team could work more effectively as a team, I had a better understanding of the work being done in the team, as well as having a closer relationship with me.

I encouraged my team to plan and lead meetings by rotating who led the monthly team meetings, as well as encouraging the team to work more independently on projects, so that our delivery rate improved.


I have a lot of experience working in an agile framework. I first used Agile at RSA, working across multiple scrums to deliver work in time batches of a few weeks using user stories. I really enjoy working in this way, as it allows me to work closely with and learn from colleagues in professions from front end developers to designers and analysts, as well as giving me the satisfaction of constantly delivering new work.

I also worked using Agile at Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC), introducing the concept of regular usability testing to the digital first programme, so that the work delivered was truly customer focused.

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