SEO, site migrations and marketing

SEO (search engine optimisation)

My passion is for crafting well written, easy to understand, SEO focused digital content. This includes content for:

  • websites,
  • blogs,
  • social media,
  • microsites,
  • emails, and
  • newsletters.

Local government

I have a lot of experience dissecting complex, lengthy and wordy source material and turning it into concise, well structured and easy to understand content. Over the years I’ve worked in local government, I have regularly worked on detailed original source content with a lot of government jargon, and turned it into mobile-first content that residents can understand easily.

I have worked for East Sussex County Council, Brighton & Hove City Council, Croydon Council and Cumbria County Council.


I also have a lot of experience in SEO, analysing what people are searching for and skillfully working the keywords into copy. At OCS, this was a key element of the work I did to attract more businesses to the site. I analysed what users were searching for when looking for facilities services and weaved it into the new pages.


I also regularly applied SEO techniques when working on the MORE THAN website. As insurance is such a competitive industry, gaining an SEO advantage over competitors was key. Using page titles and headings to amplify search listings, as well as knowing the keywords to use, meant I was able to successfully create pages that were written in Plain English and performed well in natural search.

Website migrations

I’ve worked on many large-scale migration projects. Most recently I have migrated and redesigned hundreds of page of content for both Croydon Council and Cumbria County Council.

Marketing, emails and newsletters

I have four years experience working in the marketing department of a large international insurance company, primarily on the MORE THAN brand. I have experience writing:

  • enticing marketing copy, to maximise click throughs from affiliates,
  • banner adverts,
  • newsletters, and
  • webpages.

I wrote monthly content for dynamic customer newsletters, with various content variables based on customer segmentation and data.

I also worked with the marketing team to write customer and non customer monthly email newsletters. This example of a customer newsletter shows how we:

  • promoted the cross sell of other products,
  • sold customer benefits, such as personal customer managers and discounts, and 
  • promoted social media platforms.

I studied for and passed my CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing in 2012.

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