Usability testing and accessibility

Usability testing

Virgin Holidays

At Virgin Holidays, I worked on a large project to design a new template for destination pages. Working with a product designer, we used online click and tree testing to validate our designs.

I also conducted guerrilla testing face to face to validate the tone, quantity and placement of the content. Additionally I helped conduct lab testing sessions for the new designs.

Brighton & Hove City Council

When I worked in the digital team at Brighton & Hove City Council, I ran multiple usability testing sessions with residents. As we developed new releases, I recruited panels of residents for testing.

Recording sessions with ‘Silverlight’, I invited the business into sessions, so that they could see how their users interacted with the service online. I then wrote reports on the sessions to inform further digital development.

I also worked a a project to migrate adult social care content onto a new website My Life. This involved working with a panel of service users to usability test all our releases.

I’ve also run card sorting sessions to help inform information architecture restructures, as well as consulting online card sorting exercises and running group discussions.


I always aim to create accessible content, making sure the widest possible range of users can access it. This includes making sure I:

  • write in plain English
  • use heading styles
  • structure content
  • design mobile first
  • use alt tags on images, and
  • create easy to understand URLs.

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